Radio CPR Transmitter Repair

Radio CPR needs to repair its transmitter, the piece of equipment we need to broadcast throughout the neighborhood. Currently, we are running on a backup transmitter that has much less power, so Radio CPR can only be heard in a much smaller range. To fix the transmitter, we will need to send it back to the manufacturer for repair. The total cost is estimated at about $700, including the repair expenses and shipment expenses.

The project is awesome because it will bring revitalization to Radio CPR and the surrounding community. With the cost of our transmitter taken care of, we can focus on allocating funds for recurring expenses, such as a high speed internet connection. This will free up our resources to work on other projects. It will also lift our spirits, as more of our friends, family and neighbors will be able to hear our shows.

Radio CPR is an entirely volunteer-led effort. Community members have been donating their time for 14 years. That's something like 100,00 hours of people power that have been put into the station. With such a compelling legacy, it remains imperative that people in Mt. Pleasant have an outlet that reflects their wants, needs, and desires. Having a transmitter that works properly is one of the pre-conditions for amplifying the voices in our community.

We hope you have heard of Radio CPR and want to see it continue to thrive in Mt. Pleasant. Please visit our website at We appreciate any support you can provide!

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