Caritas Newburgh Project

Last year from January 2021 - December 2021 the school district had an estimated 200 + new immigrant scholars from central and South America. This year there has also been a large number of new families moving to Newburgh. I have been supporting many of the new immigrant families in many ways from providing contact information for the local clinic, health insurance, driver's licenses, and much more. Out of all the needs, there is something that keeps coming up and that is clothes. Some places offer used clothes, and people are so grateful for anything they can get their hands on. With school starting this week I know how many families will be sending their children with clothes that their children sleep in because they don’t have the money to buy them what they need.

My awesome project consists of providing new immigrant families with pajamas, girls' tights, and male sweatpants. The weather is getting ready to change and having access to these basic items will help out many of the families in our community. No child should go to sleep without wearing a pair of pajamas. I am not considering having a big community event since many families do not want to be exposed. I am hoping to work closely with community leaders, Newburgh Enlarged City School District staff, and the Newburgh Free Library as well as other local community organizations that have been supporting immigrant families.

Fondos becados por Newburgh, NY (January 2022)