Hudson Valley Flamenco Festival

The Hudson Valley Flamenco Festival is a week of lovingly curated, multi-sensory experience. Audience members will be enchanted by intimate flamenco evenings with traditional Southern Spanish food to a large-scale performance, lectures, films, and workshops at venues scattered around the Hudson Valley.

Daily flamenco dance and music classes are offered to the public through the Vanaver Caravan’s SummerDance Intensive.

An annual free public performance at The Green at Safe Harbors ensures urban pedestrian accessibility to a bilingual, cultural event presented by a diverse company of artists.

The HVFF has an important role as a cultural influence in an area that lacks diversity. The mid-Hudson Valley is 80% white with growing Hispanic and Asian-American communities. The HVFF compliments these changing demographics by being a cultural oasis for the community. We do this by producing at venues in areas that don’t typically have cultural programming. When diverse HVFF artists perform we represent cultural and demographic changes occurring in the HV. We create bilingual programming and marketing to encourage new audiences from Spanish-speaking residents. The HVFF is a cultural resource that enriches the lives of locals who must travel ~60 minutes to access comparable art experiences. We diversify cultural offerings available to tourists, thereby stimulating the local economy.

Fondos becados por Newburgh, NY (March 2022)