Present State and Future Potential

I recently had the opportunity to design and build an installation titled "Present State and Future Potential" for the Green Window City project from Buffalo is Creative. The project looked at the possibilities of repurposing "scrap" material and pointing out the mass amounts of wood that end up in landfills from construction sites. It promotes a way to use materials that have a high carbon footprint in their production in a sustainable manner. I designed and built two chairs, a coffee table, and a light fixture using three types of scrap wood. The project was extremely rewarding and I received positive feedback from neighbors, volunteers at the Tool Library, and members of the community. The project only was only on display for one month, and I would have loved the opportunity to design something more permanent. I would enjoy to work on a project that would convey the same message as the installation, and the opportunity to expand the project over time. I am proposing a project located in the University Heights District or the Rails to Trails bike path, that would allow me to design and construct benches or outdoor furniture from reused or upcycled materials.

Fondos becados por Buffalo, NY (August 2022)