The Silver Lake Chorus

We are a co-ed group of 20 Angelenos who came together to share of a love of singing and a desire to share that love with the masses. We think huge, uplifting harmonies and intimate, soul searching melodies should not be confined to churches, opera houses, or schools, but should be in bars and cafes and daily life as well. We're currently trying to wrap up our first album so we can share the music with people who can't make it to our shows in LA.

We meet once a week in an abandoned church to sing together, and try to perform for the community once every six weeks or so. During the day our members are accountants, waiters, writers, book store managers, architecture students, college counselors, and masseuses, but when we're together we're just twenty people who really love to sing. We've performed at dive bars, rock clubs, cafes, street festivals, weddings, churches, and colleges.

Fondos becados por Los Angeles, CA (September 2013)