Initiation: Sacred White Sculpture

I am building a 22-foot Proa (outrigger sailing canoe) and sailing it to Santa Catalina Island. My project, entitled “Initiation: Sacred White Sculpture” is a synthesis of my interests in ontology, voyaging, navigation, Shamanism, meditation, antiquity, ethnography and worldbuilding. It is a Neo-nomad project, inspired by initiation practices within tribal communities where members of the community go on a solitary journey, during which they have a transformative experience. They then return, reborn, and enter into a new role within the community. From this practice they gain acceptance, respect and self-realization. This project is an initiation of myself into my own artwork/practice/world/mythology, designed to parallel those tribal initiation practices.

I chose to build a Proa because of its unique design and speed. I have been consulting with expert boat-builders, contemporary Proa designers, and sailors to assure the seaworthiness and safety of my vessel. I am documenting all aspects of this project from planning, construction, through to the performance. It will result in four parts: 1) An installation that will include photographs, drawings, video and sculpture (the boat) at the University Art Gallery at UC Irvine on April 25, 2013, 2) A blog ( documenting the chronological progression of my project while concurrently acting as a forum for dialogue between the art world and the sailing world, 3) A variant of the first installation, this time in Los Angeles with the addition of 4) The publication of a book documenting the project in its entirety including two texts written by a curator and a theorist. The venue will be decided upon by the end of the year and will be at either LACE, LAXART or Human Resources.

Fondos becados por Los Angeles, CA (April 2013)