Create Your Flavor

Bianca L. McGraw will be creating an art and writing pop up event that explores the story of flavors we choose.

“Create Your Flavor” is free workshop that will allow participants to create and tell the story about their tea flavor. During the workshop, participants will learn about the different tea ingredients and their health benefits. After selecting the tea ingredients, participants will engage in a writing activity that explores the story of their tea flavor with local spoken word poets Ten Thousand and Julio Valentin. Next, artist Bianca L. McGraw will guide participants as create their tea bags and design their own personalized Tea Packaging. Artist McGraw will also help participants to design personalized travel mugs. The Workshop will conclude with a Tea Flavor Sharing Story and Open Mic hosted by Bianca L. McGraw. Her hope with this project is to provide a space that allows others to create art, write their story, share their work, and be creative.

Fondos becados por Buffalo, NY (August 2021)