B's Bike Bites Upgrade

Meet B or Bailey: he is the peddler and pedal-er, bringing you delicious treats to suit the season on his retro dickie dee bike. B has autism and is non-verbal but he loves to meet people and he loves to bike so starting this business was a perfect match.

Bailey ran his first successful year of business last year. After running a full season, we saw some areas to upgrade the equipment to make it a more independent process for Bailey. We purchased a new cart that is easier to maneuver and pedal. We would also like to purchase an Ipad and some software to help Bailey process transactions easier.

Our goal is to make the bike accessible for people with exceptionalities and eventually purchase a fleet of bikes, so Bailey can employ other young adults and offer them the same employment opportunities. Employment is a huge barrier for those with exceptionalities and this would offer an accommodating job that is flexible based on a person's needs.

Fondos becados por Kingston (April 2021)