Airbnbeing John Malkovich

March’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Barcelona-based Kill Cooper to support a project he is calling Airbnbing John Malkovich – the craziest Airbnb experience ever.

“Step inside a ten metre tall inflatable sculpture of John Malkovich’s head,” says Kill. “Here you’ll find a truly curious assortment of characters inhabiting the depths of his subconscious.”

“Airbnbeing John Malkovich will offer a melting pot of creativity, artistry, and performance combined in a strangely familiar yet surreal environment. By day you’ll be treated to an intriguing selection of comedy, games, and mad-headed musicians. By night the head transforms into a glorious cinema, projecting the entire film career of John Malkovich on the back of his dome.”

“A mouth-watering assortment of drinks and snacks will be served by waiters in 3D Malkovich masks. And there’s plenty to salve the psyche and enrich the soul. Ambient grooves. Spoken word performances. Acting and puppeteering workshops.”

“This Malkovich pleasure dome even has a spiritual side for you to embrace. A meditation zone and a confession wall to sign. Stay the entire night if you desire, in a bed complete with matching Malkovich pillowcases.”

“Expect the unexpected. Leave your inhibitions at the ear. Get involved. And Airbnbe John Malkovich.”

Kill is an Ireland-born designer and copywriter, and co-founder of Hungry Castle, Cool Shit, and Juicy Food Porn. Recent projects include Laser Cat, a giant cat that toured Europe and North America projecting crowd-sourced art from lasers in its eyes, and Mr. Poopie, a giant inflatable poop emoji that makes ice cream. Kill has also built a giant inflatable sculpture of Lionel Richie’s head and put on an interactive show paying tribute to the 2002 web animation consisting of a dancing banana and the song “Peanut Butter Jelly Time.”

Подкрепен от Ottawa (March 2018)