Little Lotus: the smart swaddle & blanket

Little Lotus is a line of baby swaddles and blankets that keeps first world babies at the perfect temperature and helps babies in the developing world at the same time. The Little Lotus products are special because they:

  • Use a proprietary fabric first developed for NASA space suits that absorb or release heat to keep your baby at the perfect temperature. You will no longer need to worry if your baby is too hot or cold.
  • Have a unique design for swaddles and sleeping bags that make them extremely easy to put on and take off while your baby is sleeping, with a bottom zipper that allows for a diaper change with the baby still inside.
  • Feature artwork inspired by 'Touch our Future' which includes the hand tracings of mothers and babies from around the world.
  • Help babies in need! For every product purchased, a baby will be helped in a developing country by the Embrace infant warmer.

The origins of Little Lotus go back to the Embrace infant warmer. Embrace was started in 2008 by a team of graduate students at Stanford, including co-founders Rahul Panicker and Jane Chen. We were challenged to develop a baby incubator that costs less than 1% the cost of a traditional incubator. Ultimately, we created a product that uses a phase change material, similar to what's used in the Little Lotus products, to keep give vulnerable babies the critical warmth they need.

Embrace has been recognized internationally. We won the Economist Innovation Award, the Fast Company Design for Social Good Award, and have been featured in media around the world. Last year, Beyonce gave a donation to get the Embrace infant warmers to 9 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, through our partnership with the Millennium Promise. We also presented our work to President Obama at the White House's first ever Maker-Faire.

To date, Embrace has helped 150,000 babies. But our goal was always to reach 1 million babies. We're hoping Little Lotus will enable us to do that.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (May 2015)