"The Human in the Bird", an opera buffa

Reaching Out to all Friends of Talking Birds.
Today, more than ever, my musical work investigates interfaces between nature and people. With this project, "The Human in the Bird", an opera buffa, I envision the creation of a comic musical drama made exclusively with the recordings of talking birds, their sounds being collected form all over the world.
It is exciting to already see reactions coming in after the first few steps of developing this project.
A time consuming but crucial step is the creation of a platform which allows me to collect such audio samples from all over the world. The platform is the internet and the web site for this is called avesloquendi.org
Open for fun, and free to use for anyone interested, it invites people to contribute to a talking birds sound library by uploading audio recordings they made of their beloved pet bird. I am particularly interested in the vocabulary of birds who have been influenced by our environment and human relationships.
I also see it as an opportunity to interconnect socially, learn and improve our relations with awareness to our winged friends. The goal is collect a vast array of words uttered by the birds, in order to chose from to create an original work, the opera buffa "The Human in the Bird" I believe it can serve as a social mirror, will be ultimately fun, and engages us creatively.
As a professional sound artist for many years, I have already been incorporating the concepts of improvisation and experimental music as a powerful tool in my contemporary compositions. Within this project I can very much see the challenges in catching the magic of a bird talking, and the often futile attempt of the human wanting to control it.
Please help me gather the amazing, surprising and delightful sounds, words and sentences your talking bird shares with you, by uploading the sound files to avesloquendi.org
For your help, you will receive a free digital copy of the opera buffa "The Human in the Bird", once completed

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (August 2014)