Who Bought Yerevan in 1264?

My awesome idea is the following: to produce a max 3-minute documentary on the oldest inscription (1264 A.D.) in Downtown Yerevan, located on the northern wall of St. Katoghike Church, and to screen the film on the very same wall for the public.

The inscription is very interesting and unique. Many people cross Sayat-Nova and Abovyan streets every day, yet very few (if anybody) know that there is such an artifact -- probably the oldest Armenian document stating that Yerevan has been bought and that if anyone refuses to recognize the owner's right will be subject to several curses.

Thus, my goal is to produce a short documentary on this inscription and screen it to the public to raise awareness on this unique treasure. I'm going to organize this in partnership with Tsirani NGO in order to pass them all rights toward the documentary and use its channels for disseminating the clip.

Подкрепен от Yerevan (March 2014)