Public piano under the open sky

The idea is simple!!!
Put a piano in a public space under the open sky and motivate passing-by-people to play on it. That's all!!!

I am fired with this idea for already 3 months and want to add this new cultural spirit to Mashtots Park in the center of Yerevan. This park has become a symbol of civic activism in Armenia when a group of young people saved this park from becoming a trading place. The struggle lasted around 3 months and Yerevan municipality at last had to make a decision to demontage trading boutiques being constructed in the park.Cultural events were taking place during Mashtots park 90 day-struggle like violin, guitar concerts etc. Now this park has become a green, fresh and vivid place where different active groups gather and discuss their plans about their actions and civic protests.

During Soviet Union time almost every person could play on some musical instrument. For instance playing on piano is quite popular in Armenia. There are a lot of unknown people who can play on this instrument. People just play on it for their friends and family members. This public piano idea can become a good platform to reach a new audience for these people in a beautiful atmosphere and surroundings, Besides, there is a birth-giving hospital near this beautiful park and I find it great if newborns could relate to art just minutes/hours after they are born.

There is a lot that can be organized around this piano, like art evenings, birthday celebrations, piano classes and concerts. And the most important, it will be really public one. Everyone will have a chance to play on it, enjoy it and make others enjoy the music :)

Подкрепен от Yerevan (February 2014)