What if on the side of garbage cans there was a little shelf? A wooden ledge attached to the garbage can that fit a few bags or boxes with leftovers in it. This way if you go out to eat, order too much and have some leftover you could put it on that shelf instead of on the sidewalk and instead of IN THE TRASH.

The thought being, if homeless people are going to look through the trash for something to eat – maybe we could make the whole experience a bit more humane.

With a tiny bit of help from the share shelf – we can share our excess, and others might have the opportunity to get what is left a little easier.

Ben just so happens to be great at building things! He can build the shelves. And we will install them together.

Our plan is that they latch onto the side of garbage cans or light posts in populated areas NEAR BUT NOT TOO NEAR restaurants in Hollywood, Downtown and other areas that are very populated.

This way there will be foot traffic but we will be careful not to place them near right front doors of restaurants, we want to be friendly with neighborhoods we’ll exist in and not get complaints from restaurants.

Подкрепен от Los Angeles, CA (November 2013)