Mobile Kitchen at the Library

Our project is to purchase a mobile kitchen (called a Charlie Cart) so that we can provide cooking programs here at the library. Our current library building does not have a kitchen and this would allow us to offer our community cooking demos with local chefs/cooks, children's cooking programs, an international food cooking program, etc. We currently run a monthly spice world program that involves cooking a dish from a different country and pairing the recipe with a list of books from that country. Unfortunately, we can only pick recipes for an instant pot since we don't have a kitchen space. This mobile kitchen would allow us to have a usable kitchen space with a small convection oven, double burners, a sink, and all of the kitchen utensils, pots, and pans. The total cost of the Charlie Cart is right around $12,000 (shipping included). We already have a donation of $5,000 and are trying to raise more money to get us as close as possible to the $12,000 price point. We do not have a large budget as we are a small, rural library so any funds we are able to receive through grant funding and donations really makes a difference! This mobile kitchen will open up many opportunities for our community and will allow us to further expand our outdoor community garden program. We will be able to grow our own food and then teach our community how to cook what has been grown. We will be able to provide cooking demos with local chefs, children's cooking programs, and more with the new cart.

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