Director and founder

The Pandora Project is a non-profit organisation focusing on empowering humanitarians in their work and refugee populations by providing access to services which are specifically designed to improve their knowledge, wellbeing, resilience and provide lifelong learning opportunities. The Pandora Project works alongside humanitarian organizations and individuals to challenge the stigma associated with self-care within aid work, build resilience through training programs and provide a supportive humanitarian community that nurtures interagency peace and compassion for a sustainable future.

The Pandora Project was born out of the knowledge and understanding that helpers need to be helped. Humanity has always faced challenges and from within these challenges have risen humanitarians, who have dedicated their time and energy to helping others. These actions can take their toll on the mind and body of the helper and manifest themselves in the form of stress, trauma, burnout and physical issues.

At The Pandora Project we believe that humanitarians, volunteers and helpers should have access to services that support them in their education, wellbeing, and building their resilience. There exists systematic stigma and a lack of supportive resources for people working within this sector, even more so in the small grassroots organisations that have been created to give direct aid to people in need. The Pandora project also offers trauma-informed yoga and meditation workshops to displaced communities, in partnership with NGOS. It is often a challenge for NGOs to find yoga facilitators who can offer these sessions on a long term basis and therefore create a sense of stability for the refugees and asylum seekers.

At The Pandora Project we have built a database of resources, programs and facilitators that are available to humanitarian organisations and volunteers to support them in access to training, building resilience and nurturing wellbeing.

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