Block Party in a Box

We all reside on some type of street and whether we live in an apartment, a detached house or in a town home we all have amazing people we call our neighbours, but when was the last time we got together with them simply to party?

While we may exchange daily pleasantries with our neighbours and occasionally get together for an evening dinner with one another, or a play date for our children, we don’t often get together as an entire street, neighbourhood or community simply to socialize and celebrate.

The process of trying to organize a block party can be an onerous one. Designing posters, completing checklists, organizing potlucks and planning games, events & entertainment all take time. These duties and responsibilities are in addition to the process of applying for city permits and making sure that a block party is safe. All in all there are lots of things to take care of and when time & energy aren’t in abundance there often isn’t an opportunity to plan a party when one might be needed most.

What ‘Block Party in a Box’ aims to do is create a collection of ambiguous resources that can be used by anyone wanting to plan a block party for their street, community or neighbourhood of any size. With pre-made posters, checklists, games and other resources, all provided in a build-it-yourself box, ‘Block Party in a Box’ will allow anyone to start planning and execute a successful block party without breaking a sweat.

While some cities may have car-free/open streets day and some established & organized neighbourhoods might have a yearly gathering, not every city, community or neighbourhood may have the experience and knowledge of planning such an event. ‘Block Party in a Box’ would provide a resource (both digital & physical) that would allow anyone, with any level of planning/organizing experience, to plan a successful block party from start to finish.

Подкрепен от London, ON (March 2013)