Byward Market Dumpster Pool Party

The second of June's two Awesome Ottawa awards goes to Kyle McInnes, to support a pop-up pool party in the Byward Market this summer -- in a dumpster!

"A dumpster pool party," explains Kyle, "is when you take a dumpster and convert it to a portable pool that can be enjoyed by residents on a really hot day. This has been done before, in New York City," he notes. "I'm proposing we bring the Dumpster Pool Party to Ottawa. It will give Ottawans a fun reason to come to the Market, cool off, and experience the city."

"I plan on working with local businesses to create a safe, clean, corporate sponsored dumpster pool for all to enjoy. We will line the inside of the pool with PVC and make sure the water is treated, as well as refreshed each day. We will work with local pool companies to make sure we have the supplies, as well as work with the City to make sure it complies with water safety standards," says Kyle. "And the more sponsors we can get, the more pools we can make."

Kyle is an entrepreneur working on technology startups in the Byward Market. He pitched the idea to a live audience at Awesome Ottawa’s third birthday party.

Подкрепен от Ottawa (June 2013)