Neon Forestation

May's Awesome Ottawa award goes to Lisa "Justy" Dennis and the O-Town Bombers, Ottawa's first yarnbombing group. The award will support a public art project called Neon Forestation, with trees covered in neon wraps and crocheted fungus lit up with glow sticks. It will be put on in the Byward Market for Nuit Blanche, in September.

Justy is Awesome Ottawa's first-ever two-time award winner -- exactly one year ago she received an Awesome Ottawa award to yarnbomb a bus. The O-Town Bombers came together through the momentum of that project, with the objective to "improve the urban landscape by creating non-destructive, whimsical, fibre graffitti."

"We're going to discofunk George Street and the Clarendon Courtyard," says Justy, "and are anxious to start crocheting like a machine again!"

Подкрепен от Ottawa (May 2013)