"When was the last time you had your photo taken?"

My idea has been bubbling inside of me since I was in high school. My Nan (who we lived with to care for because of her Alzheimer's) came home one day very happy from her day out a the local seniors centre. I asked her what she had done there and she said she had the best day in a long time as the carers had just sat and painted her nails and chatted with her. The paint on her nails jogged her memory for a little while after that of having a nice time.

I come from an area of Australia similar to London in that there are quite a few seniors homes and centres. My project would be to go to different seniors homes (once gaining permission of course) and collaborate with a hair/makeup artist to primp the seniors. This might be something as simple as painting nails, to having hair styled. I would then use my photography skills to capture a nice portrait of them.

Special thanks to: Sean Meyer/London Community News and Erin Woodgate for granting us permission to repost their photos.

Подкрепен от London, ON (January 2013)