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Awesome Foundation - Calgary The Awesome Equation AF-Calgary

As of April 2011, the Calgary chapter of the Awesome Foundation is fully active and operational! Our monthly submission deadlines are on the 10th of every month (except in December), and the people behind the Top4 projects or ideas as chosen by the AF-Calgary Trustees are invited to pitch them to the Trustees in person on the fourth Thursday of the month at our Thousand Dollar Thursday events.

For more information, check out our website at:

And don't forget to follow us on Twitter at: @awesome_calgary (and our hashtag #AWEyyc)

and on Facebook at:

You can also check out some video of our events or highlights of various projects on our YouTube channel at:

and pictures from our various events on our Flickr page at:

Finally, where possible, we try to livestream our Thousand Dollar Thursday events on our Ustream channel (see below) on the fourth Thursday of the month for those who can't make it down.

Live streaming by Ustream

Our broadcasts are in standard definition (640x360), which should be viewable on most modern mobile devices, depending on the speed of the data connection.

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