My awesome idea is simple. I would like to hire a sky writer to fly a small plane over downtown Calgary at 4:30pm on a Tuesday afternoon in June to write the word YES! in the clouds. In proposing this idea I want to ask Calgarians what you asked in your submission: How exciting is today?? Seeing the word YES! written in the sky on a weekday will shake people’s understanding of their day-to-day experience of this city. Promoting this positive message I hope to also give people pause and allow them to realize that Calgary is full of awesome surprises!

There are several skywriting companies that can fly to Calgary to make this
project happen. With the short lead time I was unable to attain a quote, but should you select my awesome idea for the Pitch ‘n Party on April 28th, I hope to have a more concrete understanding of the costs and timeline.

Thank-you for considering my awesome idea, and above all thank-you for
proposing this initiative. I have always believed that Calgary is a truly unique city full of incredible people.

Подкрепен от Calgary, AB (April 2011)