Tool Library

A tool lending co-op where people can borrow, for free, tools for home project, maintenance and repairs.

Did you know that the average lifetime use of a power drill is 8 minutes? Nobody needs their own power drill. They just need to borrow one. Calgarians also need to borrow from time to time, a:

  • stud finder
  • roto-tiller for the garden
  • saw
  • power-sander
  • painting supplies
  • ladder
  • etc!

We will create a library of tools that the public can access for free, just like you can do with books at a regular library!

The money will be used to:

  • purchase the tools (some second-hand)
  • create a secure space to store the tools
  • develop the webspace for rentals/bookings

Подкрепен от Calgary, AB (May 2012)