Asheville, NC (Неактивен)

Този епизод е неактивен в момента Неактивен епизод е такъв, който не е давал грант повече от 6 месеца.I Ако се интересувате да рестартирате епизода, моля изпратете до contact us.

За Нас

It has been a wonderful six years of working with our community and providing grants to amazing people and groups who make our society better in so many different ways.

Thank you to all of the wonderful trustees who have dedicated their time and money to fund these projects.

Thank you to all of the grant recipients who have used our funding to spread love in so many different ways.

Thank you to those who didn't receive grants and still went on to enliven and better our community.

At this time the Asheville Chapter is no longer accepting grant applications. If there is a new group of people who are able to manage and fund this chapter, it may start up again. But at this time we are no longer operating.