Urbanería is a collective from La Paz, Baja California Sur México. We channel the power of people to solve urban problems in the public space through simple, low cost and quick construction interventions.

These interventions are carried out with people from the community, experts and volunteers to build and promote the users’ appropriation of the space and as a consequence their participation in its care and maintenance.

Our goal is to empower and inspire people to intervene their space, making it more attractive for pedestrians, cyclists, neighbors, people with disabilities, public transport users, and businesses. Contributing to the improvement of the urban quality of life of the citizens of La Paz.

CRIT Bus stop

CRIT is a physical rehabilitation center for children and young people with disabilities. In 2016, Urbanería had the chance to teach a do it yourself bench workshop with reusable wood at CRIT’s installations. While we were doing this intervention we noticed the lack of urban infrastructure just outside the facilities in the public road and the idea to build a bus stop was born. This bus stop will facilitate mobility and access to public transportation for people with disabilities and their families.

CRITs receive more than one-thousand patients that attend everyday with at least one companion, they get there in most of the cases via public transportation or walking. Along the route from where throute from where the bus stops to the main gate, there are many obstacles, the sidewalks are in bad condition and there is the need for pedestrian crossings, access ramps on the sidewalks and a proper bus stop.

We conclude there is a need to improve the environment surrounding CRIT through the collective construction of a bus stop. Our goal is to transform an underutilized space using simple, economical and community driven infrastructure where the children and their companions can comfortably wait fo the bus sheltered from the sun.

Грант предоставил Awesome Without Borders (January 2018)