So You Want to Start a Nonprofit...Now What? Summi

Cause Studio, a fiscally sponsored 501c3 nonprofit initiative of FJC, aims to reduce the number of failing startup nonprofit organizations by providing resources, training and tools that are designed to scale, encourage collaboration and sustain impactful programs and services. This is achieved through a 3-year cohort and curriculum based incubator, community workshops, and networking events. Since January 2015, Cause Studio has incubated 10 organizations to combined income generating activities exceeding $1,000,000. Additionally, more than 25 collaborative workshops have provided training to more than 1000 professionals.

North Texas has more than 28,000 nonprofits which collectively have over $178 billion in cash and assets. More than 83 percent have budgets under $100,000 and there is a high probability that many will fail, as will 50 percent of new nonprofits annually. Cause Studio’s workshops and events offer opportunities for new and fledgling nonprofit professionals that are designed to: (1) increase the capacity building initiatives of startup nonprofit organizations; (2) provide opportunities that foster collaborations across multiple organizations; and (3) reduce the financial barrier to training for organizations with limited budgets.

The “So You Want to Start a Nonprofit...Now What?” Summit is an extension of our signature half day workshop that has educated hundreds of nonprofit and social impact professionals throughout the country. It is marketed primarily to startup nonprofit founders and board members in organizations that have not been in operation more than five years and/or have not exceeded an operating budget of $100,000. This summit is open to nonprofits in North Texas that are primarily throughout the 5 main county areas that make up the North Texas region (Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, Collin, and Johnson), often known as the Dallas Fort Worth region.

Грант предоставил Plano, TX (December 2017)