May the Fork be With Us!

BIND provides tools and a bridge of support to adult brain injury survivors so they can reconnect into life, the community and workplace. Our vision is to lead the DFW area in providing Member-driven services and will serve as the model from Brain Injury Clubhouses across the state of Texas. At BIND, Members are brain injury survivors who regain purpose, fuel hope and continue healing after discharge from medical care. This is accomplished by allowing the Members to plan and execute programming at BIND, giving them control, independence and opportunities to develop interpersonal skills in a team. Staff, volunteers and members work collaboratively to run all aspects of the program, from answering phones, developing the newsletter, and cleaning the facility. Members volunteer for tasks they wish to complete – thus focusing on their strengths and individual interests while restoring purpose and control over daily life. Physical disability, differences in cognition or memory, fatigue, and behavioral changes are recognized and supported allowing refinement of problem-solving skills, increased functional independence, and building confidence and endurance in preparation for living alone safely, returning to paid employment or finding community volunteer work. Compared to the traditional medical model, this setting is ideal for practicing skills that are both functional and practical.

Our program serves 20 Members weekly and has amassed a waiting list of 42 potential Members. Because of our growth we are relocating the program from 1,650 square feet to 4,200 square feet. The new space includes a kitchen that will allow Members to practice meal preparation in a safe environment. Except for a refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker we're growing our kitchen 'from scratch.' Please help us get it organized and ready for simple meal preparation with the addition of small appliances and basic kitchen gadgets. May the fork be with us!

Грант предоставил Plano, TX (May 2017)