Community Kitchen

Bread & Roses Food Cooperative is a non-profit, member-worker food cooperative opened in Tallahassee, FL since 2009. We are currently located at 915-2 Railroad Ave. in the heart of the All Saints District, walk able/bike able from both FAMU and FSU. We are a great place to shop for affordable, healthy, organic, vegetarian/vegan, local, and ethically-sourced products. We do our absolute best to provide the most sustainable, ethical, and healthiest products we can for the best prices we can.
We have the space and ability to create and sustain a commercial kitchen that can be used by local entrepreneurs who would like to take their market products to the next level.Meaning they can move from only being able to sell at farmers markets to being able to sell to grocery stores and restaurants. Being located on the south side which is known for being a food desert we have seen and heard the need for this service in our south side community.
On top of this we have recently teamed up with a youth outreach program that is interested in starting their own catering company. This would empower youth who may have a hard time maintaining employment to take control of their lives and see value in their hard work.
The building we have is older and needs repairs to ensure the space is safe and running efficiently. Once the initial costs are covered we will be able to maintain the space so that it can be used for year and years.
As a grocery store that runs solely with volunteers this project has been out of our reach simply because of the start up cost to make the needed repairs. with your help and generosity we will be well on our way to strengthening the community and allowing so many marginalized communities the leg up they need and deserve.

Грант предоставил Tallahassee, FL (February 2017)