Birthday In A Box #HappinessIsAwesome

Every child deserves to celebrate their birthday!

Ask just about any child what their favorite day of the year is. Most would respond with an excited "My birthday!" However, many families face difficulty in providing their children with what many families may take for granted - a birthday celebration. It’s My Birthday, Inc. is an organization dedicated to celebrating the birthdays of underprivileged children, particularly those who live in poverty or suffer from various illnesses, including cancer, heart failure, leukemia, and many more.

For children who are confined to the hospital and may often have limitations on visits or interactions with people for various medical reasons, often we cannot provide a traditional party where we would sing and provide party favors like balloons and cake. However, we still want to be able to provide the children with a birthday celebration. So we came up with the idea of Birthday in a Box! The Birthday in a Box is a “party in a box,” including a fresh cake (or cake mix), or cupcakes, candles, party utensils, and an age-appropriate wrapped gift. A few days prior to the child’s birthday, a Birthday Box is delivered to the family at the hospital. As a component of the box, we would like to also include grip socks to make their stay at the hospital more pleasant. The socks would be customized to include a short, but encouraging message to add a personal touch!

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