The Soul Kitchen

Created by the Chief Change Maker of Black Celebrity Giving (BCG), Jasmine Crowe, in 2013. The idea for Sunday Soul was to provide men, women and children experiencing homelessness with a hot, home-cooked meal complete with amazing volunteers and classic old school music. Two years later, BCG introduced the Sunday Soul Pop-Up Restaurant to provide a 5-course meal, restaurant style for the homeless.

The event was well received and went viral across the country attracting more than 1 million views.

Introducing The Soul Kitchen: The natural progression and long term goal for Jasmine has always been to open a soup kitchen with one goal, to simply serve better. Better food, a better atmosphere and a better experience. Beyond offering hot meals to those in need. The Soul Kitchen will provide tools to help those who are unemployed or underemployed to develop skills that move them toward economic self- sufficiency, while providing a critical service to men, women and children who face food insecurity everyday.

The Soul Kitchen will reduce hunger and increase the availability of healthy local food by allowing farmers and organizations serving the hungry a place in which to process unsold, excess produce that would normally end up in the landfill or compost pile. By offering a training service apprenticeship partnered with: local chefs, bakers and hospitality service professionals, providing those seeking change with skills to obtain them. Upon graduating from the apprenticeship, Soul Kitchen staff will assist with resume building, interview skills and job search assistance. In addition to the apprentice program, the Soul Kitchen has a unique socioeconomic business model that will provide Atlanta residents with employment while filing a void.

Грант предоставил Atlanta, GA (April 2016)