TrepTransit - Raising the bar one stop at a time

Focused on open skills sharing and community problem solving, The goal of TrepTransit is to foster the creation of relationships and connections in the Miami entrepreneurship community. Providing access to experts, and offering the opportunity to both share and learn from experienced founders, and those just beginning the startup journey, TrepTransit aims to connect everyone for 60 minutes on the third Monday of every month in a metro mover car starting at Goverment s.

While enjoying Miami’s skyline, and public transit system, the goal of TrepTransit is to promote a free-wheeling exchange of ideas, discussion, and knowledge. This first goal is to allow companies to ask questions about current issues they are facing, and get meaningful answers from experienced operators. It’s like having your own Board of Directors, but instead of the board room, in the MetroMover.

The second goal is to share knowledge from a variety of subjects that are relevant to business regardless of stage. With the goal of skills sharing, an expert on a relevant subject or vertical market will share his/her knowledge. The ultimate goal of this exchange is to allow participants to consider new ideas, encourage discussion, and adoption of best practices, especially as it applies to entrepreneurs (Treps).

The benefit to the community is clear, as we move towards a knowledge economy, and nurture a startup culture, the key is sharing information. Information around creating, running, and funding startups of any kind is especially important, and this information typically lives in human experience. Creating an experience that allows an attendee in a relative short amount of time, sixty minutes to listen to a story, or learn from a question facilitates one of the most powerful types of learning, and allows us to share collectively our past experiences while teaching new entrepreneurs how to avoid common pitfalls.

Грант предоставил Miami, FL (May 2014)