Let's make miso from leftover bread and save them!

One specific food has been throw away in every single year.
For example, In the Netherlands 25%, in the unite state 33%, in the UK 44% and in Australia 186 thousands tons of that food end up in the bin.
The answer is “ bread”.

A chef at top restaurant asked me if I can do anything with their very good left over bread.
At that point, I started to explore how I can turn lifesaver bread into miso.
My goal was to share how everybody can turn brand wast into miso.
It has to be very simple, no need for any special or environment
.So everyone can do ti themselves.
The miso is made with natural fermentation. It will bring the best benefit for our health and nature around us.
Natural miso sometimes takes over 3years to ferment.
But I guess not many of us want to wait that long.
So I wanted to invent a method that can shorten fermentation time, but also so that naturally.

After 3 years of failing and trying, almost giving up and then standing up again… Finally, I found a way.“The bread miso making kit” was born.
. . . .
The kit contains two magical liquids.
And all you need is your choice of bread, 100g.
That’s it.
And it takes only 3 weeks to make naturally fermented miso from your bread leftover.
You don’t need any special machinery or spacial space.
You can leave it in room temperature.
Now you can save bread from wasting it, make your original miso and add the miso into your favorite / traditional dishes as replacement of salt or seasoning.

My dream is to have a table without any judgment.
Food has very strong power.
It is because, we all eat. No matter who we are.
Don’t you think it would be fun to make miso together from your own bread and culture that is original and amazing. Rotterdam is the perfect place for it! Then if, we can save 1 ton of bread together from being wasted, I think the world can turn more fun place to be. Even a just little bit.
Change may be very small, but only every single rain drops make a huge ocean!

Грант предоставил Rotterdam (November 2022)