Badass Boarders

At its core, Badass Boarders is a group of women learning to skateboard together. However, its mission extends beyond cruising, ollies, and kickflips; this is an inclusive community dedicated to supporting, mentoring, and empowering one another to become not only badass boarders, but also confident, radiant women unleashing our inner awesomeness into the world. All women, regardless of age, background, or anything else, are welcome.

The idea was born out of indignation. Inspired by the Venice Beach Boardwalk and videos of Casey Neistat skateboarding through airports, Kasley decided it’d be fun to try. Her (now ex) boyfriend at the time scoffed and said, “No, that’s stupid,” and the salesman at the skateboard shop asked if she was buying it for her brother. Annoyed, she learned anyway, and found she loved the challenge and how emboldened it made her feel. Wanting to share the experience (and not be the only female at the skateboard park), Kasley created Badass Boarders.

Financiado pelo capítulo San Francisco, CA (October 2016)