Presenting Holiday Springs & Sprockets in Newburgh

With the support of the Awesome Newburgh Foundation, I want to present the "Holiday Springs and Sprockets" by Steve Gerberich in Newburgh November 16 to January 26, Friday and Saturday, 12pm to 5pm. This kinetic-art exhibition will have FIVE large, holiday-themed mechanical sculptures that were created from an assortment of recycled materials, including old machine parts to kitchen utensils, pieces of furniture and old toys. Gerberich will activate the iconic Saving Bank Building at 94 Broadway and host a free art exhibition for four months, host three children’s workshops and rigorously invite locals and visitors to access arts and enjoy themselves in downtown Newburgh. Gerberich will illuminate the downtown figuratively and literally.

One example of the five-part Holiday Springs and Sprockets is eight flying reindeer pull Santa in his sleigh. The animals' legs move via their attachment to exercise bicycles (with bells on their spokes), and their antlers are bicycle handlebars. Rudolph has a glowing red nose and wears sparkly red Converse shoes. In addition to the fantastical sight of repurposed salvaged items coming to life, Gerberich will be encouraging visitors to do their own art.

Gerberich will host three Children’s Workshops where he will inspire and direct willing participants to sculpt their own mini-masterpiece from a smorgasbord of parts collected during Gerberich’s nationwide travels culled from surplus everyday objects, thrift shops, and dollar stores. Handmade sculptures will be assembled using hot glue “welding.” Projected dates are Saturday November 25 (Newburgh Shop Small Business), December 2 (Historical Society’s Candlelight Tour) and December 9.

Funds are necessary as early as the end of September. Gerberich will open his workspace in Atlas Studios during Newburgh Open Studios and inform the 2,000 visitors. In early October, Gerberich will coordinate transportation, installation, volunteer recruitment, and exhibition marketing

Financiado pelo capítulo Newburgh, NY (September 2023)