In the poverty- and trauma-impacted rural community of Taos in northern New Mexico, Queerious is an off-campus, innovative, and rare after-school program for LGBTQIA+ teens to tell their stories and feel free to talk about their feelings and share their struggles without judgment or stigma.

We have the goals of supporting LGBTQIA by listening to their struggles; and of creating a media format that projects their true stories. Led by a multi-lingual self-identified lesbian with a passion for human rights and self-expression.

• Our overall objective will be to tell our stories without judgment or stigma, have a dialogue about the importance of intersectionality, mental health disparities across social identities, risk factors involving being out and or staying in the closet, we will take a look on how conversion therapy affects a human being in their entire life span, how parents view their LGBTQIA+ child, affirming spaces and activities specially at school, policies and practices that support transgender and non-binary youth among other topics that may arise.

• After covering most or all of the topics above we will evaluate how and where to tell our stories. And having all the necessary tools, we can produce a short film, a podcast, or film a short doc-series (that could be a continuous form of art that we can pass on to future students.)

A Podcast (this will cover several topics!)
PSAs (sound and restricted images/video)
Anything the students want to create!

A film
Photograph exhibit

Financiado pelo capítulo Awesome Without Borders (September 2023)