Clovelly Road Better Block

We're holding a demonstration event where the community change their street for the day to make it greener, safer and more liveable.

We're adding trees, plants, tables, chairs, art, music, bike & pedestrian infrastructure, and slowing traffic - creating our own little urban innovation zone. (Known also as 'urban acupuncture'.)

Some visuals here - This video explains more -

We'll be blitzing the Clovelly Road block between Arden & Beach Streets. (Though one of the goals is to inspire changes more widely in Sydney.)

It's 27 October 2013. People are starting to sign up to the event at

The Better Block idea started in the US a few years back. There's now been 40 Better Blocks in the US. This is the first in Sydney.

The aims of the Better Block are to:
- bring the community together
- encourage people to re-imagine their street
- invite them to add their ideas
- turn those ideas into something that people can see, touch and feel
- show Council and politicians people are keen for change
- create momenum for improvements to be made permanently
- inspire others to push for change where they live (their street.)

Better Blocks have worked because they're quick, light and cheap. The Better Block US site has more of the thinking behind it -

There's big changes happening to streets worldwide. You can see the innovations that Sydney is missing out in these videos and pics:

I'm co-ordinating the project, but we're rallying people living around here and the local businesses to get involved. We have UNSW Planning, Landscape and Media students on board to help. And the support of a range of other local groups.

Financiado pelo capítulo Sydney (July 2013)