Helping Homeless Women & Girls to Produce Masks

Currently over 80,000 homeless people roam in cities throughout Indonesia. Most of them are women and girls who are very vulnerable to many forms of violence, exploitation, and female human-right abuses.

They are the most unprotected group when infectious diseases, especially the ongoing Covid-19, burst. However, due to their homelessness status, they remain neglected by the state.

Our project intends to facilitate 20 homeless women and girls to produce washable face masks that meet national health standards while helping reduce the price of face masks that continue to go up uncontrollably during the burst of Covid-19. The project beneficiaries (the homeless women and girls) will use the masks themselves to save against infectious diseases especially the epidemic Covid-19 and also sell them to make money.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19, the price of washable face masks around the country have skyrocketed from Rp 3,000 ($0.18) to Rp 15,000 ($0.93). Even worse, the stock is often gone on the market due to panic buying.

Through this project we will help reduce the face-mask price to Rp 2,000 ($0.12) per piece. This is feasible because the masks will be made from discarded fabrics from tailors that are wasted in various places, and are free, too. Thank to this, to produce such masks, our beneficiaries will only need Rp 900 capital per piece. This means they will get a profit of Rp 1,100 or 122% per piece.

As the masks are cheap and healthy, even in normal situations beyond the Covid-19, they will still be invaded by buyers.

So, the prospect of this business is quite bright especially because millions of city dwellers also need them to combat the increasingly severe air pollution.

This project will be managed in the form of a revolving fund to be lent to the first 20 people. When they repay it will be lent again to the next group.

Financiado pelo capítulo Singapore (April 2020)