The Best Prom Ever

How much time, energy, or donation would you give to help a fellow human have the best day of their life???? Think about it!

Well, that's what our mission is all about. What started out as a dance for the 16 special needs kids at the local high school has blossomed into a West Michigan event that had over 270 from several surrounding cities last year. We have outgrown our facility in the local church and want to keep the dream alive by renting out one of the nicest facilities in Grand Rapids.

This event is so extraordinary to young adults with special needs, as this is their one opportunity each year to get together with others who share their unique gift, to get dressed up in formal attire, to socialize with new friends, to enjoy different compilations of music and to just have fun in a safe and supportive environment.

Financiado pelo capítulo Grand Rapids, MI (August 2012)