HASER: Laser Space Heater

Heating is expensive. A small room takes 1500 watts, but your skin (surprisingly) needs only about 20W at 65F ambient temperature. So, I'm creating the HASER SYSTEM, which heats you directly with soothing, warm infrared (IR) lasers. See the video at HASER.TINYMOGUL.COM. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to see you, track you (like Microsoft's Kinect) and heat you. Not the room, not the air, JUST you. The wall-mounted Painter unit uses laser-like eye-safe radiation to cover you with heat. Even if you move, even 20 feet away: a space heater can't do this. It uses either an IR laser or a specially collimated (highly focused) heat lamp. It also learns your behavior, e.g. preheats your chair before a TV show. You can set the thermostat lower by 15F and cut bills by 60%.

Its companion, ROVER, is a robot heater that follows you, radiating heat from a thermal storage mass. ALMOST ALL THE TECH & FREE SOFTWARE NEEDED ALREADY EXISTS, so it isn't pie-in-the-sky.

HASER will also provide data on temperature & usage, and an API (Application Programming Interface) so that it can be modified by hobbyists and hackers. Ready for mash-ups, e.g. use an optional visible laser to play with your cat when you're away! HASER is itself an AWESOME mashup!

I've been building and hacking things forever. I am a design fanatic, hungering for practicality and beauty. I'm an engineer turned software architect turned entrpreneur turned, again, engineer. I've studied neuroscience & AI, worked in digital electronics, computer software architecture, interior design, small-building architecture, business process design.

Financiado pelo capítulo Boston, MA (May 2012)