You Are Enough

"You Are Enough" is a cute and sentimental picture book for adults that celebrates singledom. My intention is to launch it in February, for Valentines day; an understandably challenging holiday for most single people. This heartwarming story written as a poem, shares the message that we don’t need a partner to "complete" us, that being single can be celebrated, and offers us many gifts.

This is my tribute to being single in a couples’ world. “You are enough” is dedicated to the huge percentage of people who, as a result of being single, go forgotten on Valentines Day. It’s for those who aren’t a fan of commercial businesses reminding them of what they apparently “lack,” those for whom February 14th couldn’t come and go fast enough.

My hope is that this video reminds people on ANY DAY of the year that they aren’t “lacking” simply because they aren’t in a relationship. But especially on a tricky day like Valentines Day, let this video serve as inspiration to offer some juicy self-love, and an appreciation for the many gifts that come from being single.

Celebrate your singledom! Happy Valentines Day to EVERYONE.

Ֆինանսավորված Boston, MA կողմից (January 2014)

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