The Free Art Collective

We are a grassroots, not-for-profit, arts organization that distributes free artwork and art supplies across Rochester through our Free Print Program and our Free Art Supply First-Aid Kits! We will also be expanding our efforts to around the country throughout 2022!

Our “Free Print Program” is an opportunity for local artists to get free exposure of their work. We cover the cost of getting prints made that we label by hand with all social media & contact info and give away for free across the city! We do this to offer support & promotion and spread good vibes to all through the power of art. We showcase the work of over 50 Rochester artists, as well as the work of other artists from around the world. We distribute this free art at local pop-ups and small businesses. Currently, you can find us at: Aaron’s Alley, Rank’d Airbrushing, Red Fern, Statement Boutique, and Gallery Salon!

We also distribute “Art Supply First-Aid Kits” across Rochester. We collect donations of art supplies, package them up with love, and give them away for free to students in the city, local non-profits, and anyone that could use some art therapy!

Through both of our main projects, we are dedicated to serving and strengthening Rochester’s community through the healing power of art, kindness, and creativity.

Ֆինանսավորված Rochester, NY կողմից (February 2022)