Refined Taste Rochester

Refined Taste is a weekly podcast accompanied by a strong social media presence and community events. Refined Tasted was developed in May of 2020 by local comedians/writer/activists Dario Joseph and Chris Thompson. Being that Dario and Chris could no longer perform in public spaces due to the pandemic, they came up with another way to connect with people and their community. In 2020, a large number of restaurants and businesses were singled out because of their 'bad actors' and 'social and political views' so we wanted to spotlight businesses that were doing good for Rochester and help support them more. Refined Taste brings women-owned, black, minority and LGBTQ businesses to the forefront, learning about the people behind the food and drink you love and their stories. Refined Taste isn't a food podcast, it's a people podcast. Refined Taste is about spreading joy, positivity and connecting the community through our love of food and laughter.

Ֆինանսավորված Rochester, NY կողմից (August 2021)