Building my World

Girl Inspiration Group is a registered Lusaka charity that helps children to read and also to realize the importance of acquiring education for a better future. Our program involves working with the children directly in addition to providing resources for families to support the development of strong literacy skills. We are working through partnership with volunteers and other non-profit organization to create long life readers. Together, we are helping young children reach their potential and strengthening communities in Ng'ombe. Our goals are to assist young children in learning essential early reading skills, build community by encouraging those who live and work in the community to be involved in supporting their children and to provide a meaningful volunteer opportunity. Our mission is to provide programs and services through community wide partnerships to help children learn to read. We have a program that targets children from grade 1 to 7 who need a literacy boost. The children are paired with trained community volunteers who work on one to one with them. The program helps children to recognize letters, a sound each one represents, how to learn words by sight and how to learn a word by using the sounds of its letters.

Financé par Lusaka (June 2016)