Streetwise Craft Co and Street Kid Outreach

Streetwise is an organization that does two things: 1. Reaches out to vulnerable children on the streets by providing meaningful interactions coupled with a feeding program and medical assistance, 2. Operates a fully locally sustained workshop that aims at bringing those same kids into the shop to make arts and crafts and furniture.

Streetwise currently provides more than 80 meals a week to these vulnerable children at two locations, with plans to open a couple of more points of contact in the city of Lusaka. We are able to identify kids with urgent medical needs and bring them to clinics in they, with money earned in the craft shop.

Our future vision? To be able to get more Zambians on board with volunteering or working full-time with these youngsters with the goal of bring meaningful, long-term life change. How? Bring them into the workshop. Make fun stuff. Generate Income. Send them to school. Help them enter the work force as rehabilitated , competent young people.

Future Projects? We want to bring in some of the youngsters to make shoe shine boxes. Some of the older street kids have been physically and mentally battered by drugs. They can earn an income with portable shoe shine boxes. We will approach the City Council and local malls to allow us to pop-up shoe s stands. We also want to create a street art initiative with these same boys, as a way of not only enhancing the appearance of the community, but also creating self-esteem in these young individuals. We also hope establish a fund for educating at-risk children in the compounds, as well as creating a community center where we could teach literacy, art classes, and whatever else people can teach who have a skill, time and a heart for the poor.

Financé par Lusaka (May 2016)