Helpful Love

Hi! I'm Kim - dreamer, creator and founder behind the Helpful Love vision. Helpful Love is an online community of awesome vendors who provide unique, alternative, helpful gift ideas. It came about following the most tragic of circumstances... my friend lost her 3 year old child to a common cold. I felt so incredibly helpless. Thousands of dollars worth of flowers wilted away in their garage, as their husband had hay fever. Of course, they appreciated the gesture, but I felt that it was a waste and wanted to do more. I searched for something "helpful" and ended up jumping online and had a delivery of groceries turn up on their door step. It got me thinking, the world needs a one stop shop of quality, caring vendors who provide love, support and assistance during sad times. Then it made me think, it would work for happy times too! A new baby, a birthday, a loss... imagine, one community who could offer things like cleaning, lawn maintenance, massage, home cooked meals, fruit and vege deliveries... and so Helpful Love was born! I hand picked vendors and approached them individually, and offered to promote them free of charge until such time as I created a way to offer a Helpful Love Gift Voucher that could be redeemed with all vendors! From 1 July, the Helpful Love online store will launch, which we are super pumped about! I have plans to take on the world, but starting here in my home town of Newcastle first!

Financé par Newcastle (April 2016)