48 Hour Film Frenzy

Have you ever wanted to create a movie? What if you took a weekend and dedicated it to becoming the next Spielberg?

The 48 Hour Film Frenzy is a weekend where local filmmakers are challenged with creating a film in 48 grueling hours. Each filmmaker is presented with a required set of criteria that must be included in their film; such as a required line of dialogue, location in town, prop, etc.

London has not has a film showcase in over two years. We have an abundance of local talent that are capable of creating some incredible short films over the span of a weekend.

The submitted films will be viewed by a panel of judges who will declare the winner of the competition.

The plan is to have a screening event the following weekend at the Hyland theatre where every film is screened and the winner is presented an award. To encourage filmmakers to bring their friends, an audience’s choice award will also be presented.

My hope with this $1000 is to start this as a yearly event in London.

Financé par London, ON (September 2015)