2015 Summer of Awesome

Why reinvent the wheel when you already have something awesome?

The 2015 SUMMER OF AWESOME harnesses the power of past awesomeness to create unique experiences in the underserved community of Glen Cairn.

The projects below were all successful recipients of previous Awesome grants, and can be recreated or promoted with relatively few resources:

  1. Block Party in a Box (London, ON - Keven Van Lierop) http://bit.ly/1eWtc6Y
    Let’s promote, lend support, and cover printing costs for a bunch of block parties this summer in Glen Cairn! The Block Party in a Box is a “collection of ambiguous resources that can be used by anyone wanting to plan a block party for their street, community or neighbourhood of any size. With pre-made posters, checklists, games and other resources, all provided in a build-it-yourself box.”

  2. Cardboard Fort Day – (Toronto) http://bit.ly/1IvibWM
    Fun, whimsical, self-explanatory! “We provide huge swaths of brand-new cardboard - the kind you could only dream about as a kid. We also provide duct tape, magic markers and scissors.”

  3. Postcard Project (San Francisco) - http://bit.ly/1doadkE
    The Postcard Project encourages community connection through storytelling exchange. Participants in Glen Cairn fill out the postcard with a personal story of their community and then the postcard is mailed to a random London resident to initiate stronger connections between people and communities.

  4. Community Love Notes (San Francisco) - http://bit.ly/1Gtj9lQ
    A community project of painting and hanging love notes on wooden boards throughout Glen Cairn.

This SUMMER OF 2015 will see AWESOME ideas shared and repeated in an ever-expanding circle of awesomeness!

Financé par London, ON (June 2015)