Fears, Cheers, & Unclears:Parenting in Digital Age

We are a not-for profit organization looking to promote safety and well-being of students online. We also realize that in order to do this, parents need to be informed and involved. We would like to use the Awesome fund to help us host an panel discussion at the Town of Newmarket in which we assemble a panel of a few parents, kids, York Region Police for an interactive discussion about what we fear about the use of social media, how social media can be used in positive ways among kids, and clear up any misconceptions about what apps kids are using and how they are using them.

We have approached Hannah Alpern, who has agreed to be a panelist. She was just featured by CTV news for her work with Bystander Revolution. The news story can be found here:

We are currently in the process of trying to find experts in the field of Social Media to join our panel.

The evening itself will be open to parents in York Region. We will use social media to allow parents in the audience to interact with the moderator and panelists.

We believe this to be an immensely important opportunity for dialogue and understanding as we all struggle to parent in the digital age. We'd love support of the Awesome Fund to help us do that!

*Please note, information will be put on the website when we confirm date and venue.

Financé par Newmarket (August 2015)