East Portland Bike Oasis

The Rosewood neighborhood straddles the Portland/Gresham border along NE 162nd Ave. This area has been systematically ignored by the City of Portland, and has suffered the ill effects of forced density without the benefit of any accompanying infrastructure improvements. As other parts of the city have gentrified, low income people, and especially minorities, have been pushed into the Rosewood area, where they are basically left to their own devices. It's an area of incredibly diversity, with many new immigrants relocated to the neighborhood.

Many of our residents are car-free and thus rely either on mass transit (which is sadly under-developed in the area) or their own feet/bikes.

As you can see in the accompanying map, there are NO private bike shops anywhere remotely close to the Rosewood area. 70%-80% of the residents live in apartments, and thus don't have the ability to work on their bikes at home. Due to these factors, relatively simple bike problems like a broken chain, inoperable brakes, or flat tires leave residents without the use of their primary means of transportation.

Portland's bike-friendly ethos has skipped over the Rosewood area. Our goal with this project is to empower these residents that have been left behind... to give them a place to work on their bike, a place to have volunteers assist them with bike maintainence, a place to gain new bike skills and knowledge, and a place that will restore another transportation mode for these residents that desperately need it.

Our vision is to provide weekly drop-in sessions, staffed by volunteers. The Community Cycling Center has committed to providing volunteers and well as technical assistance.

This simple Bike Oasis will have immediate and significant positive impact for our residents. Beyond being awesome, this Bike Oasis will be IMPORTANT.

Financé par Portland, OR (November 2014)