Employee of the Month

During a rough economic market, I started the Employee of the Month Show to share informational interviews with folks who were also struggling to find work. I'd meet with remarkable activists to CEO's to Oscar winning filmmakers and I wanted to share the honest stories, pitfalls, and secrets. People craved these uniquely candid interviews and several folks got jobs directly as a result of what they learned!

  • Jennette, a thirty-something, quit her job and went after her dream career inspired by, "How daring your guests are on the show and, honestly, you Catie!"

  • Michelle, who lives in Seattle and listens to the podcast is taking a stab at cartooning, after having given up previously, but heard Bob Mankoff, The New Yorker cartoon Editor on my show and say he wished more women would apply. She told me that, "I feel like I got my life back."

  • Carl, another fan, an African-American, forty-something father of two, finished a children's book which he had put off because he felt, "So inspired by hearing Kevin Clash speak in a way he never has. Thank you Catie!"

Employee of the Month's fan base is now over 40,000 subscribers. We have live shows in two cities and will be expanding to three as well as more video content. I simply can't keep up with the demand. Fans email to ask questions. They want to get on our mailing list, donate, access the interviews, volunteer on live tapings, submit future potential guests, and research the (almost) 100 interviews. There's a growing library! Let's say you want to be a Muppeteer or research what it's like to be a puppeteer. I have four interviews with the leading puppeteers of Elmo, Grover, Miss Piggy and Avenue Q! So if I can update the website to respond to what folks need, they can look up interviews by interest area. In turn, I can then find out who fans want to hear from and respond accordingly. Also people want videos, so I will disseminate the interviews across platforms creating interactive digital storytelling.

Financé par Awesome Without Borders (November 2013)